Caesar Cipher - Program to encrypt input

Caesar Cipher - Program to encrypt input

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Caesar Cipher - Program to encrypt input
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The Ceasar Cipher is a type of message encrypting technique. In Ceasar Cipher each letter in the text is shifted to a certain number of places down the alphabet. Like if you enter B with the shift of 1 output should be C. If you enter hello output should be ifmmp.

Example of Ceasar Cipher Code

Input : "I love programming."

Output : " J mpwf qsphsbnnjoh."

2 Responses to "Caesar Cipher - Program to encrypt input"

  1. # python code

    def encrypt(text,s):

    result = ""

    for i in range(len(text)):

    char = text[i]

    if (char.isupper()):

    result += chr((ord(char) + s-65) % 26 + 65)


    result += chr((ord(char) + s - 97) % 26 + 97)

    return result

    #check the above function

    text = "ATTACKATONCE"

    s = 4

    print "Text : " + text

    print "Shift : " + str(s)

    print "Cipher: " + encrypt(text,s)

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